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Cost, Safety and Feasibility Review of Accessibility

Lead Sponsor: 
Federal Railroad Administration
Project PI: 
Kate Hunter-Zaworski
Lead Institution: 
Project Description: 
Oregon State University developed inclusive and universal recommendations for accessibility on the next generation of high speed and intercity passenger rail. Working with the PRIIA Next Generation Equipment Committee recommendations were developed for accessibility on single-level and bi-level coach cars. The bi-level recommendations as outlined below were incorporated into the specifications for the PRIIA Bi-level car, and will ultimately be included in the passenger rail cars that are under procurement using those specifications. • Increase wheeled mobility device accessibility space – 32” x 59” • Increase vestibule width – 44” • Increased design load of car borne wheel chair lift – 800 pounds • Increased surface platform of the car borne wheel chair lift – 30” x 54” OSU conducted an initial assessment of the impact of the recommendations on the interior of a single-level Acela first class coach car. Feedback on the review from the NGEC Accessibility Working Group directed the FRA and OSU to conduct more in-depth study of the impact of the recommendations on single-level cars similar in design to the northeast regional coach cars, instead of the Acela, which is not representative of a typical single-level car taken by 95% of the public.