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List Courses

Course ID Course Titlesort descending Contact Name Institution
CIVL 7040 Analysis and Design of Freight Transport Systems Jonathan Regehr
ECIV 588 Design of Railway Bridges and Other Structures Dimitris C. Rizos, PhD
CEE 8207 Design of Sustainable Transportation Systems Leslie McCarthy (or Seri Park)
ECIV 705 Deterministic Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering Nathan Huynh, PhD
ECIV 784 Dynamics of Railway Systems Dimitris C. Rizos, PhD
ECIV 790 Intermodal Freight Transport Nathan Huynh, PhD
CIVL 7010 Modern Railway Engineering Jonathan Regehr
CE 597 Public Transportation Planning and Design Kate Hunter-Zaworski
ECIV 789 Rail Design Project Michael Meadows, PhD, PE
RTE 406 Railroad Capstone Project Stephen Dillen